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What is Roullete?


Originally from France, Roullete is a variant of Biribi. In Roullete, players place chips on numbered spots and try to predict the numbers that will land on the numbered spots. There are a variety of variations, from solo players to teams of two or more. The best rule of thumb is to play at the table with the best odds, and to make your decisions based on the odds. To learn more about Roullete, read on!

Odds of winning

The odds of winning roulette vary depending on the type of bet you make. A good example is placing $100 on one dozen numbers and another hundred on thirteen through twenty-four numbers. The odds for the latter bet are 1:1. The odds for the other bets are 1:2, even-odd, and half-table. If you play roulette online, you will have the highest chances of winning if you bet more than one dollar on one single number.


There are many different types of Roulette games. French and American are the two most popular, while European roulette is the most unique. Both have the same rules, but the French version has a slightly different table layout. The French version has 37 pockets, with numbers 1 through 36 and a single 0 on the center. Unlike European roulette, French roulette also has writing in French on the board, making it a unique version of the game.


The word roulette comes from French and means “little wheel.” This game originated in France in the eighteenth century and was introduced to the aristocracy there. The game’s history is rife with legends and lore. The game’s creator is largely unknown, but it is believed that the French mathematician Blaise Pascal was the inventor. Pascal was a gambler and mathematician who was fascinated with probability.

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